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We were founded in the middle of 2013 to work as an asset by Allan Brown, where he showed his results from learning web development. It started as learning test but soon turned into more that.

Our story in 2014

This website shows about 30,000 pages per month, and most of the traffic comes from the United States, UK, Australia, Japan and Germany. Outsourcing is downloaded over 20,000 over a year and hopefully we can double this number at the end of 2014 (hopefully we’ll remember when updating this number when the time comes).

Our story in 2015

Today I noticed that this section needs a comprehensive update so that we were working well in 2014. We gave an average of 45,000 visitors by 2014 and displayed a page of 90,000 pages. Our theme has been downloaded 60,000 times. We’ve come a long way and there is no sign for slow motion and we think we’ve started our journey.

We are looking to contribute WordPress community by releasing free WordPress themes, but you can expect premium features and premium themes too.